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Trans-Marian-Express is specialised in hanging garment transportation.

We own standard containers and dedicated containers for hanging garment, for a maximum load of 24 tons and a maximum length of 13,6 meters. Containers can carry 33 europalets.

We don't have any fixed prices but we negotiate them each time with our customers.

We are professional in all we do - we own all necessary licences, authorizations, certificates and insurances. We collaborate with border customs inside European Union and with local customs offices. We are constantly in touch with our drivers thanks to the GSM telecommunication system. More, our trucks are equiped with a GPS monitoring system.


ul. Akacjowa 27/8; 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland

Phone: (+48 32) 790-04-27; Fax: (+48 32) 785-11-41; Cell phone (+48) 606-811-983